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UV-C LED & HEPA Powered
Air Purification in


20 - 30 db noise

Air status indicators
(red, blue, green)

5 level filtration system : Standard, Charcoal, HEPA, UV-C LED, Plasma ion

Smart IOT

Replaceable filters

Standing +
Hanging Option

Air filter system

Removing large particles such as dust, animal hair, lint and pollen.

Powerful Air Filteration

While there are some particles that may not by caught by UV sterilization, Dynair.

The air molecules are decomposed and plasmaized with a plasma negative-ion generator,

and the oxygen ions generated from this process which sterilize and purify pollutants in the air. This covers for areas which UV Sterilization can not reach.

There is a test report regarding ozone generation.

A microportion of it is produced at 0.002 ppm.

Air Quality Light Indicator

As previously mentioned, the purifier has LED light sensors to inform you of the air quality in the current room. Again, this however, is NOT the UV-C light filter, which is contained inside the unit, but a seperate lighting display feature.

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